Hands In Clay

Pottery Gallery and Teaching Studio


  • When you sign up for a class, the space is yours until you either switch to another class time or discontinue lessons.
  • Classes are monitored on a six-week calendar.  Payment is due at the beginning of the session unless arranged with Martin.  Upon payment, that six-week session is yours, and once the session has started there are no refunds issued for that space.  If you are starting late in a session, your bill may be prorated or the classes may be rescheduled.
  • Your first four classes must be done on scheduled class time.  These are all introductory and you nee to be in class to get the information.
  • Missed classes may be made up if the studio is notified of the absence a day in advance.  Many students rely on open spaces get all of their classes in - please be courteous and call if unable to make a scheduled class or makeup.
  • You may make up class missed in a class space other than your own, if space is available.  Classes should be scheduled within each session and may not be used as payment for a new session.
  • When canceling your class space or changing class times/days, please give us a two-week notice so that we can refill that space.  We have a waiting list of potential students and it is very important to our continued success as a business, that we are given an opportunity to fill that spot that you vacate.
  • If and when discontinuing your class space, please pick up your clay, tools, and any pieces you might have at the studio.  We can only store and maintain space for current students - anything left over 90 days will go to goodwill.

Studio Etiquette


Common sense is your best tool, but here are some guidelines you may wish to follow.

  • Be courteous of people's space.  We all need space to work, but do not unnecessarily take up extra work areas.

  • Please return shop tools back to their homes - we appreciate this detail.

  • Clay and personal tools should be put in your locker at the end of class.

  • Slips and stains should be tightly shut to prevent them from drying out.

  • Please make sure that the wheel pedal is in an upright position when you begin and end throwing.  This prevents the famous flying pot incident from an unwanted repetition.  Nobody likes that!

  • If using the spray gun/booth, make sure that you put the equipment back after using and materials are cleaned properly.

  • Please do not pick up or touch others pieces without asking that person.  Certain stages in clay construction are extremely fragile and may be easily, although accidentally, broken.

  • Finally, make sure that you clean your workspace before leaving.  We appreciate a clean clay artist!



  • Our kilns are fired daily to Cone 06 and Cone 6.  Cone 06 is equivalent to 1830 F and Cone 6 is equivalent to 2232 F.