Hands In Clay

Pottery Gallery and Teaching Studio


Before getting started, we need to get some tools. Hands In Clay offers a basic set of tools for the beginner available at the sales counter. You are welcome to bring your own tools or purchase tools from a ceramic supplier or art store. 

These are the tools we recommend.

Wire Tool : Used for cutting the pot off the bat.

Wooden Rib Tool: Used for forming the pot on the inside and the outside.

Metal Rib Tool: Used for scraping and forming the outside of  a pot

Needle Tool: Used for cutting excess or uneven clay off the rim and for judging the thickness of the bottom of a pot.

Sponge: Used to remove excess water from the bottom of a pot.  Also used to apply water to the pots and to the hands for lubrication

Sculpture Tool: A wooden angle blade with a rounded tongue depressor end - used for trimming, cutting, and sculpting.

Ribbon Tool: A trimming tool with a curved end and a flat edge used for shaping and hollowing out soft clay and leather hard clay. Called the small ribbon tool.

Pear Pitter:A trimming tool used for trimming and hollowing out soft clay and leather hard clay.  Also called the large ribbon tool.